Thursday, July 11, 2013

But...But...What About The Other Patients???

In the previous post (dated yesterday), I relayed the news that Leroy Carhart's baby-butcher shop (euphamistically known as Germantown Reproductive Health Services) in Germantown MD caused another woman to be taken to Shady Grove Hospital.  This woman is his third known victim.  Unlike the other two, this lady did not die (to the best of our knowledge).

I posted to the Operation Rescue article, and that had video showing Carhart accompanying the woman in the ambulance to the hospital.  He certainly struck the all-concerned, all-compassionate image, did he not?  Perhaps it was some preemptive damage control, as he had to know that all eyes were on that ambulance, given the well-publicized death of Jennifer Morbelli just five months ago.

However, Jill Stanek, an ob/gyn nurse herself, raised an interesting and crucial point.  We know that woman was not the only patient in the mill at the time.  We also have reason to believe, though, that Carhart was the only physician there.  But Carhart took a ride in the ambulance.  So that brings us to the question in the title of this post.  She asked who oversees the other patients while Carhart's on a damage-control mission (or perhaps just pleading for the woman to be admitted since he himself has no admitting privileges in MD).

So who "held down the fort", as it were?  Was it some nurse whose license status is dubious?  The file clerk?  Maybe the telephone receptionist?  Who???  And who among those who remained behind would have been qualified and competent to handle any other emergency that could have arisen in Carhart's absence?

This morning several pro-life leaders held a press conference at Germantown Pregnancy Choices.  The Maryland Coalition for Life has six clips from that conference.  Please listen closely to them to learn key facts and how they relate to the state of MD investigations.  For one thing, it would seem that Dr. Carhart's departure might well be evidence of faulty emergency procedures - a fault that the State of MD specifically charged this abortion mill to address.

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