Monday, July 8, 2013

Young People Alienated From Church Because of "Social Justice"

HT - LifeSiteNews

A Christian apologetics organization called Fixed Point Foundation recently polled some students on campus who were raised Christian but now claim to be atheists.  As they were growing up, they heard much of "social justice", "organizing", "doing good", but almost nothing about spiritual realities.  Read the linked article for more comments from these young people.  They want to know the eternal truths of the Faith - and are fed fluffy-puff-stuff instead.  That is what the "social justice" message is - at best, a flimsy shadow of the One True Faith.  At worst (and probably by design), it is a thinly-disguised attempt to lure idealistic youth into socialism and atheism.  In some cases, it is succeeding in their nefarious goals.

That more or less dovetails into today's Vortex, that addresses what sort of vision should be ours.

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