Sunday, July 21, 2013

MSNBC = More Silly Nauseating Bull Crap

Remember Melissa Harris-Perry, the MSNBC commentator who pontificated several months ago that "things in the uterus become human"?  Well, maybe we're seeing more manifestation of what she thinks of "things".  Take a look at this picture of her (ht - Right Scoop)

Yes, she's using tampons instead of earrings.  Now she was displaying these during the Texas hearings to demonstrate to pro-aborts how they might get tampons past the guards - so that they could pelt the politicians with them, of course.  Still, can you imagine any person with a shred of dignity wearing such crap in public?  What she has on her ears causes me concern about what (if anything) lies between her ears.  Alas, this is the sort of mental degradation that will happen to those who espouse anti-God, anti-life causes.


  1. How tasteful.

    I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky that at least they were fresh, unused tampons. It could have been worse.

    Seriously, it can't be surprising that people who are so estranged from the concept of decency and dignity can be so willing to degrade themselves. They have given themselves over to their passions...

  2. If helps boost ratings and gets a message across...what a way to do it. :p


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