Friday, July 19, 2013

Vortex On Wendy Davis / CCHD Cozy Connections

Here's an expose done by Michael Voris on the relationship between rabid pro-abort Wendy Davis of the Texas State Senate and the CCHD, vis-a-vis Ralph McCloud.  Until I saw this, I was unaware that the two had worked together in Texas politics for six years.  That being said, there can be no shadow of a doubt that McCloud was fully aware that he was supporting abortion in the person of Wendy Davis as the two worked to unseat her pro-life opponent.

In the clip, Voris makes mention of some reports on the CCHD.  I have watched these and can attest that they are worth your investment in time to learn about this "snake in the grass" known as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

A note to readers of the Archdiocese of Washington:
  • The archdiocesan collection for CCHD will occur during the weekend of Aug 10-11.  Please note that they have tweaked the name of the collection to read "Catholic Communications and Human Development".  Do not be deceived by this silly ploy.  This is  the CCHD collection.
  • Within the next week or two, this blog will announce steps that you can take to stanch the flow of Catholic cash to this collection and thus to Culture-of-Death organizations.  Stay tuned.
And now the video..


  1. They will make mistakes, they will make a blunder [meter la pata], this will pass! Perhaps even a letter of the Congregation for the Doctrine (of the Faith) will arrive for you, telling you that you said such or such thing... But do not worry. Explain whatever you have to explain, but move forward... Open the doors, do something there where life calls for it. I would rather have a Church that makes mistakes for doing something than one that gets sick for being closed up...

    It is necessary to go to the causes, to the roots. Abortion is bad, but that is clear. But behind the approval of this law, what interests are behind it... they are at times the conditions posed by the great organizations to support with money, you know that? It is necessary to go to the causes, we cannot remain only in the symptoms.

    1. The CCHD has made many mistakes in terms of adherence to the Magisterium, but they are not "mistakes and blunders" of good will. They err in doctrine, but their path is deliberately set against God and the Magisterium. Such has not only been the case from its inception, but the undermining of the Church is its very raison-d'etre, as it were.

      "Abortion is bad", but not as far as the CCHD is concerned. This "mistake and blunder" of McCloud's almost cost the Texas pro-life movement an opportunity to save countless babies. Therefore we will shine the light on the cockroaches of the CCHD. Theirs is a door that must be shut forevermore, for they are a menace to all true civilization and to countless souls' salvation.


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