Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CHA Supports Final HHS Mandate - Surprise! Not!

Contradicting the nation's bishops prior opposition, the Catholic Health Association (led by Sr Carol Keehan of the Pen of Perfidy) has announced its support of the Obamacare rule forcing all to purchase abortion coverage.  Let's hope and pray that Sister is not invited to Cardinal McCarrick's next birthday party.

I won't reinvent the wheel in unpacking what just transpired.  Read Matt Bowman's analysis on the Catholic Vote page.  Now notice that I emphasized the word "prior" in my first sentence.  That's because the USCCB has yet to issue its statement.  They're still "studying" it, you see?  What is there to "study"?  The answer is that the damned thing is unacceptable in light of Christ's teachings on human life.  If they're looking for "wiggle room", they should man up and admit that they can't "yok it up" with Obama on this one and be the bishops they were called to be.  After doing that, they can excommunicate Sister Carol and the rest of the "pantsuit brigade".

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  1. Well, this "daughter of charity" makes a million dollars a year, you know, helping herself to the poor people's money and in return she tells them it's really not killing but patriotic home economics to off their babies and sick/elderly relatives so they can be rich too.

    Since the church millionaires have to stick together she probably will be at McCarrick's birthday party. Maybe Sean Winters can tell Sr Carol who does his hair so her dye job can look more natural...




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