Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thank You, Cardinal George!

Recently the CCHD of the Archdiocese of Chicago defunded the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refuge Rights.  The latter group had previously received funding.  Why did Cardinal George see fit to deny them funding this go-around?  Because the latter group supported same-sex marriage.  It is a well-established fact that any applicant for CCHD funding must affirm that they do not hold positions contrary to the moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

As we well know, many CCHD grant recipients do not uphold their end of the bargain (or they just flat-out lied about their intents to honor Catholic teaching).  Too often prelates have looked the other way (or they actually approve of the deceit and dissent).  That didn't happen this time.

Naturally a bunch of progressive politicians bunched their undies over Cardinal George's decision and published an open letter accusing him of using "immigrants as pawns".  Thankfully His Eminence is standing his ground and he issued his own open letter.  Towards the bottom he reminded his detractors that "Jesus is merciful but He is not stupid."  The dissidents would do well to consider the Cardinal's words sooner rather than later - for it will be too late when they stand before Jesus at the end of their earthly lives.

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