Saturday, July 6, 2013

What Does PP Mean?

That set of initials can mean a lot of things.  It could mean, for example, "Pimp Protectors".  Most of us in pro-life circles understand that it means "Planned Parenthood".  Today it was driven home to us that there isn't all that much difference between "Planned Parenthood" and "Pimp Protectors".

At approximately 9:35 this morning, one of our number approached a couple headed north on First Street towards the "PP" located at 1400 Spring Street in Silver Spring MD.  The guy, pictured to the right, looks to be in his late 30s, at the youngest.  The woman, who seemed to be foreign-born, was a bit younger.  She kept trying to offer them information about the dangers of Planned Parenthood.  The guy wanted to hear nothing of it.  He had coffee in his hand and he flung it all over the pro-life counselor.  That didn't deter her.  She and another persisted in their attempts to stop their death march.  They alerted me and I started recording.  He saw that.  We also called out that we were going to call the police as he got to the door.

When he heard the word "police", he seemed to have an epiphany of sorts.  He grabbed the woman's arm and they scurried back to the parking garage.  Two of us went after them to see if we could take his plates (so our friend could file assault charges).  We never saw them, but we certainly drew the attention of one of the deathscorts, as you'll see below.  We thought his behavior in leaving at the mention of police odd, but we considered all the details.  He was bringing an unwilling younger woman who was foreign-born for an abortion or birth control.  It certainly seemed that he didn't want to interact with any police whatsoever - that he might have had something to hide.  To us, there is all the smell of a sex-trafficking ring.  Of course we cannot know for certain, but when there's smoke, there's often fire.

I said in the previous paragraph that we drew the attention of one of the deathscorts.  A little background, first.  These orange-vested minions of death are organized under something called the "Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force".  They even have their own website, and some ostensible guidelines.  So they're supposed to guard the clinics from us "right-wingers".  I for one fail to see how the following of us as we're walking away from the mill fulfills their mission.  It doesn't.  She was simply trying to intimidate us - alas, to no avail!  But here you see demonstrated the intellectual vacuity of the pro-abortion mentality.

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