Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pro-Life Victory In Texas!

Despite the rather novel innovations in lobbying undertaken by pro-abortion mobs (I suppose the mob scenes, hurling of human excrement/bricks/paint, threats of gun/chain violence are now lobbying practices as far as those brutes are concerned),  Texas' late-term abortion ban was passed by the Texas State Senate.  Governor Rick Perry will sign it into law.

The bill's "onerous" provisions include:
  1. abortion mills held to same standards as other ambulatory surgical centers
  2. abortionist performing the murder to at least have admitting privileges at one nearby hospital (unlike Leroy Carhart - who caused another woman this week to be hospitalized)
  3. abortionist him/herself administering any baby-killing drugs
Hey!  If these so-called "pro-choicers" want abortion to be "safe, legal and rare", how can they wax so hysterical about this bill?  Well, as we saw by their complete lack of civilized demeanor this week, they're only "pro-death" and abortion should be legal and forget about the "safe" and the "rare".  They are shedding their "compassionate" disguises (that didn't really work too well, when you get right down to it).  

My congratulations to the good people of Texas and thanks to God.

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