Sunday, July 14, 2013

Catholic Relief Services Scandals Continue Unabated

It seems that CRS could easily stand for "Catholicism Riddled with Scandals".  I've done a number of posts over the years- click here.  On the post dated 8/16/12, look below the Vortex video.  There I mentioned that CRS was caught giving $5.3 million to CARE, an outfit that distributes contraception and abortifacients to women in developing countries and lobbies for abortion in those countries.  I also mentioned that John Rivera, then Communications Director for CRS, made himself appear to be a lying fool.

In that list of previous posts, you'll see one dated May 31, 2011.  If you looked at that within the past two years, you might have noticed that the ALL youtube was taken down and the link to the LifesiteNews article broken.  These have been restored, and an American Life League post sheds some light as to the removal and subsequent restorations of those links.  If you look at the bottom, it seems that ALL was snookered by a deliberate misquote of Matt 18: 15-17, that is applicable to private and personal disputes, not public scandals.  I credit them for learning and acknowledging the duplicity of the CRS leadership.  (I also credit them for the graphic at the right!)

But there's a reason why the CRS went through all that "damage control" effort.  They had no intention whatsoever of ceasing donations to CARE.  LifeSiteNews reports that in 2012, CRS donated $13.8 million to the same abortfacient-spewing CARE.  Think of it - that's an increase of over 250%!

Is this a reason why Ken Hackett, immediate past president of CRS (having been president for 40 years) has come into favorable light with the Messiah Most Miserable himself?  We do know that Obama rewards his lackeys well.  He has done so by appointing Hackett to be ambassador to the Vatican.  Read this ALL article for more on this scandal and consider that Hackett has been at the helm of CRS for 40 years.

It's way past time to abolish Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  The latter two can be addressed by abolishing the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  At the very least, please cease all donations to these entities immediately.

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