Monday, July 15, 2013

Father Pfleger Is Trayvon Martin

Well that's what he says in this article.  Gee whiz!  Does Father act like Trayvon, too?  The facts came out in trial.  Martin was much bigger than Zimmerman.  He was straddling Zimmerman and pounding him.  The shooting was ruled as justifiable self-defense.  But here's Father Pfleger, acting as the race-baiter that has always been his style.

In the video, he states that he is planning "non-violent civil disobedience".  Doesn't it make you wonder just who/what he's planning to "civilly disobey"?  What person or institution will he choose as his designated scapegoat - whipping boy if you will - for his stunt?  And you better believe that this hapless target of "civil disobedience" had better suffer the insult in silence, lest it be vilified by this sorry excuse of a priest as being "racist" or "profiler" or whatever the euphemism of the moment is!

Notice at the 0:54 mark he mentioned the mother who said her two sons' lives were worthless.  Well, speaking of young lives being treated as though they're worthless, perhaps Father can do some real good where he lives.  Chicago has one of the worst murder rates: 11 over the July 4th weekend, 4 last weekend.  Why doesn't Pfleger try to stem that?  Is it because they're largely "black-on-black" that these seem to escape his radar?  I noticed something else in that interview; Father wasn't in clerical garb.  It's times like these that I rejoice that these progressives aren't easily recognized as Catholic priests.

It's high time Cardinal George grew a backbone and defrock this man once and for all - for his own good as well as that of the souls that he is misleading.

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  1. Trayvon Martin was four inches taller than George Zimmerman, but was almost 30 pounds lighter, according to autopsy and arrest records.


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