Friday, November 8, 2013

Baltimore CCHD Directly Funding Promotion Of Contraception And Abortifacients

On the website of the Baltimore CCHD is a list of its grantees for 2013.  Notice under "local grants" that $13,000.00 of donations bilked from Baltimore-area Catholics went to an organization called New Lens.  They appear to be a youth-targeting community-organizing bunch that specializes in the usage of new media to sell its philosophies and wares.

A look at New Lens' "projects" sub-page gives more detail regarding the misuse of Catholic donations.  They work with "a wide variety of organizations and topics".  These organizations include Planned Parenthood and ACLU.  Using their new media training, proteges of New Lens have produced a video about "making good contraceptive choices for the Health Department of Baltimore City".  Now ponder this, if you will.  Catholic donations are being used to shill for contraceptives and abortifacients, and this promotion is then being donated to the City of Baltimore?  It's bad enough that the City of Baltimore would do this deed on their own, but now Catholics are donating to this over and beyond their tax dollars?  Ladies and gentlemen, how many things are so wrong with this picture???  Anyway, here's the results of Baltimore Catholic dollars - promoting contraception and abortifacients.  Now here's another video, a joint effort of New Lens and Planned Parenthood, called "Birds and the Bees".  If you do watch this, pay attention to the girls on the swings.  There is an outright lie regarding Plan B; it acts by inhibiting implantation of the newly-conceived child into the uterus.  That is an early abortion.  The video ends by thanking Planned Parenthood of Maryland and referring additional questions to them.  So Catholic dollars are purchasing free advertising for the death peddlers known as Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE - Michael Hichborn of American Life League has placed much of the New Lens information into a Power Point presentation.  The pdf of that is located here.  Please download it for your reference.

I understand that the Archdiocese of Baltimore will hold its in-pew collection for the CCHD during the weekend of Nov 23-24.  Might it not be time to say #no2cchd?

I forgot to provide some historical perspective.  This is NOT the first time that Baltimore CCHD directly funded immoral activity.  Four years ago this blog reported that Baltimore CCHD funded a local ACORN office that James O'Keefe targeted in one of his stings as ACORN staffers advised him on "best practices" for running a brothel filled with underage girls.  The post is here.

With this in mind, we cannot reasonably ascribe the New Lens funding to inadvertent error.  Think of it; I and others easily exposed New Lens as peddling instruments of baby-murder.  A little "due diligence" on the part of Baltimore CCHD staff would have revealed the same information.  Do we really believe that people with any modicum of intelligence and integrity would not have learned from their lessons of four years ago?   In all honesty, I believe that Baltimore CCHD directors are completely complicit in funding grave moral evil.  Do we have all elements necessary for mortal sin to have been committed - in the name of the Archdiocese of Baltimore?

Baltimore Catholics, please boycott your CCHD collection.  Say #no2cchd.


  1. I could see using birth control if you are very young like 13 or 14 and can't control yourself.
    But, is anyone thinking about telling these kids about the dangers of using birth control ? For example using it too long and perhaps falling out of love with your soul mate?

    1. Can't control themselves? Yes they can. The question is "do they WANT to control themselves?" If they think they can escape consequences and without the proper moral guidance, they'll eschew discipline. But the reality is there ARE consequences. These things have a high failure rate, often by design, for Planned Parenthood et al make their money from abortion; these contraceptives are "loss-leaders", as far as they're concerned - bait for the trap of abortion.

      But the biggest trap are the eternal consequences. Those engaged in sex outside of marriage commit objectively mortal sins and greatly increase their chances of spending eternity in hell, with all the horror that entails. Those that encourage and facilitate these mortal sins (and the usage of contraceptives is mortally sinful) share in the guilt of such sin - and more is their culpability, should they be entrusted with any authority over the young people in question - especially clergy and others within the Church hierarchy. Hence my final closing question.

      Young people can control themselves. Let's challenge and support them in developing the necessary control that they'll need not only regarding sexual matters but in all areas of life. To offer them what appears to be an "easy out" is to do them a gross disservice, for the "easy out" will in reality be a deadly booby trap.


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