Friday, November 29, 2013

Of Faintings, Hecklings And The Obama Mystique

Last month at a Rose Garden press conference, we saw Barack Obama, knight in shining armor, rescue a damsel in distress as she was about to go into a swoon.  That was demonstrated to be a quite the skit - albeit a bit unrehearsed, owing to its sloppiness.

This past Tuesday another broadway-esque performance occurred in San Francisco.  The Messiah Most Miserable was giving a pro-amnesty speech there, and was (gasp!) "heckled" by a graduate from UC-Berkely for not being progressive enough with amnesty.  (What?  Did you expect that a UC grad would object to Obama for being too liberal?)  Well, it turns out that Ju Hong (alleged heckler) was invited by the White House and was seated right behind Obama.  Being right behind him makes for a great photo-op, wouldn't you agree?  Apparently all these invitees undergo background checks before being admitted into the Messianic presence; kinda makes you wonder how an illegal alien, with no documents of admission let alone citizenship passed with flying colors, doesn't it?  Well, he racked up the proper progressive credentials at Berkely.

Watch the video of the incident/skit.  I wonder if Obama was cued even on that by the Messianic Teleprompter?  Did you notice the Secret Service at least put their hands up?  I suppose they learned from the fainting skit that they at least have to make some move for some plausibility.  I did note with more than a little concern his lament over not being "able to wave a magic wand".  But for the Constitution (or what remains of it), he would indeed rule by fiat.  That small part was not an act.

I wonder what next month's thrilling episode will entail?  I sit on the edge of my chair, waiting with bated breath...

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