Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Necessity Of Infant Baptism - Sidewalk Counselors Take Note

I address this to fellow pro-life activists, particularly sidewalk counselors.  In some meeting that I've attended, I've heard leaders put forth a dangerous theory as to our main purpose on the sidewalks.  I quote from one leader, "our goal is not ultimately about saving babies from abortion…God can take care of the babies whether they’re born or not born.As Catholics we consign them to His mercy…what we’re really after is souls.

Well, I'd hope that these "souls" include those of the unborn children.  Without sacramental baptism, they won't attain heaven.  They most certainly are our first priority.  I now link to a commentary by Dr Taylor Marshall on a bull against abortion issued by Pope Sixtus V in the 1500s (it was a problem back then).  Now listen to this homily on the topic; I find it to be quite thorough.

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