Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Feinstein's Freudian Slip On "You Can Keep Your Plan"

Poor gal!  She's trying to explain the debacle of the ObamaHellScare website (using the word "website" loosely) and just what did the Messiah Most Miserable really, I mean really-really, meant about keeping our plans.  HT to Conservative News Service.  Now watch the Face the Nation interview and listen to the video very closely from 1:19 to 1:50.

Doesn't that just clear everything up?  Alrighty, then!  Dang that teleprompter for miscuing our Dear Leader!  Now am I imagining things or did Feinstein's nose just grow a little bit?

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  1. We have definitely entered the Twilight Zone. Feinstein on FACE THE NATION lying...I almost feel like as the interview will end, the camera will pull slowly back, and her form will be no longer, left behind will be particles that will show up in some other form (perhaps Pelosi) lying elsewhere. We are steeped in lies and not one person will admit wrong nor take responsibility. Sorry Fr. Barron, but Hell is Real! Hold fast dear brothers and sisters to the One True Faith, the Roman Catholic Church.


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