Thursday, November 28, 2013

Where Feminism Shows Its Satanic Roots

My blogging colleague at Eponymous Flower posted a report, with two videos, about an attack on the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista by hordes of lesbians, abortion advocates and a general assortment of depraved degenerates.  They would have stormed the church were it not for 1500+ faithful Catholics who formed a human shield around it.  On the second video you'll see how they were manhandled by the degenerates.  I warn you that there is a goodly amount of nudity and at least one act of sexual perversion.  I also suspect that there is a fair amount of vile language that Spanish-speaking readers can grasp.  You'll also see them burn an effigy of Pope Francis; the way they scamper and dance around the inferno is indicative of some pagan, if not satanic elements to the affair.

God bless those faithful Catholics who, by God's grace, were able to maintain a prayerful attitude with courage in the face of the hatred and hostility exuding from that barbarian mob.

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  1. This is just down the road for our country because of the propaganda of, "How can we not allow them equal rights, such as marriage..." Will we have 1500 Men, each a hero? May God continue to bless and strengthen each of them and their families. May their humility and courage change the hearts of those souls steeped in sin.


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