Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carhart Sends Another Woman To MD Hospital - Third This Year!

On Feb 7th and July 9th of this year, Leroy Carhart caused two women to be hospitalized as a result of abortions they received at his Germantown facility; for more details read this link.  The woman from Feb 7th, Jennifer Morbelli, died as a direct result of his abortion procedures.

Because of the death, the State of Maryland Office of Health Care Quality conducted an "investigation" of Carhart's practice - or at least went through the motions of doing so.  In May they cleared the Carhart practice.  I learned of this in the Gazette and wrote an open letter to them.  Among other things I pointed out that Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Secretary, Dr Joshua Sharfstein was quoted as saying that "no deficiencies were found" at the Germantown mill - despite reports that are found on the DHMH site (Note: if they're gone, I took the precaution of downloading them, so just advise if they've, uh, "disappeared").  Oh, by the way!  At their October 2013 "evening of chocolate" gala, Maryland NARAL gave one of their "Leadership Awards" to - (Bet you can't guess! - Aw, you peeked!) - Dr. Joshua Sharfstein!  Go to this Defend Life newsletter and scroll to page 12.  Lots of the folks at this event (that we picketed) just gushed with praise for Sharfstein.  And Family Research Council points out that Sharfstein racked up quite a pro-abortion resume.  Way back in April, Jill Stanek noticed Sharfstein's cozy relationships with abortionists.   If you want to see more, just google "Sharfstein NARAL" and you'll see an eyeful.

Boys and girls, given the above, can we all say "fox watching hen-house"?  His May report can be summed up in these words: "Nothing to see here, folks!  Move along!"  His report, along with his chequered career screams of "conflict of interest".  But perhaps I'm being a tad too harsh.  After all, this was just a few months before the July 9th ambulance pulled up at the front door of the Germantown abortuary.

Yesterday, November 26, 2013, 11:45 am, another ambulance pulled up at the door - the second in four months!  The video is below.  At this time I know no additional details.  Operation Rescue states that the woman was taken to Shady Grove Adventist where she underwent emergency surgery.  No staff accompanied her; in fact, as I watch the clip (below) I see no family nor friend get into the ambulance and it doesn't appear that any car was preparing to follow them.  Recall that Carhart has no admitting privileges at any Maryland hospital.  If Maryland had a law similar to that of Texas, Carhart would have to remove his shingle from Germantown.

As long as Sharfstein and his bosses sit in their governmental perches, Carhart will not be dislodged.  In 2014 we have to change a lot of faces in Annapolis to bring about some real reform so that Maryland ceases being the pro-abortion mecca that it has become in recent years.  Now the video...

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