Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Obamacare Promoted By The Advertising Firm Of Slobs And Bimbos

Here are two of the marketing geniuses for Obamacare!

These professionals know the importance of proper balance!

Now doesn't that just make you want to go out and sign up?  For if you do, you too can find yourself perched on a keg!  Oh, joy!

There's a whole collection of this trash - eleven in total.  What makes the Obama cartel think that they have to portray their audience as buffoons in order to sell their product?  Are they tacitly admitting that only the brainless and clueless will sign up for Obamacare (assuming that the website will be functional within the next five years)?

By the way - I tried to look up "".  Right away my virus blocker (McAffee) warned me that it was a dangerous site to visit.  Needless to say, I went no further.  Take warning.

"Do you got insurance?"  I've no doubt that is coming from the Minions Most Mindless, given the sloppy grammar of that question - and the "dregs" quality of the people in the ads.


  1. Did people really vote for someone who would pay our hard-earned tax dollars for these ads? The dregs quality of Obama and his regime is successfully kept promise on his end.

  2. Wow! Real bad...understated, but I thank you for bringing this into the open, and I urge any and all to immediately contact their Senators (both parties). Here's my note to them...

    Senator ,
    Just when we thought this regime could stoop no lower, I find highly offensive and suggestive ads have been made, obviously with hard-earned taxpayers dollars, to excite and lure young adults into behavior that most parents have discouraged and taught as morally wrong. I am quite certain that you are in complete agreement with me that this is wasteful spending toward the unaffordable care act that, even from the start, most American citizens do/did not want. I would ask that the Congress end this by immediately defunding then repealing the ACA known as Obamacare and the amoral H.H.S. mandate be stopped. I await your thoughts and actions on these most urgent requests for the U.S.A.
    God bless you and God bless America,
    Mariann Gonzalez

    I also provide the link to the page through your link of the 11 ads. Lord, Jesus, have mercy on us.


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