Monday, November 11, 2013

CUA School Of Social Service Dean Ends Partnership With Pro-Abortion Association

Will Rainford, new Dean of the School of Social Services for the Catholic University of America has ended that school's partnership with the National Association of Social Workers.   The latter had made a statement that "social workers...have a professional establish, secure funding for...abortion services."  (The long-winded statement can be found at LifeSiteNews, which in turn links to the NASW page).  Lifenews also has detail on NASW's rabid support for baby-murder.

Rainford made his decision because he rightly perceives this stance of the NASW to be completely incompatible with Christ's moral teachings as revealed through His Church.  Some progressive elements at CUA are taking umbrage with Rainford, but Rainford has made plain that his decision won't change.

Dr. Rainford is to be commended for upholding the mission of Catholic University of America to provide a Catholic education, particularly in the face of progressive whiners on the campus.

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