Sunday, November 17, 2013

Opposition To Common Core Is Increasing

In the video below, we see a high school senior named Ethan Young from Knox County Tennessee give a testimony at a Nov 6 school board meeting against the sabotage of education known as Common Core.  Some friends have dubbed it "Commie Core" and that moniker seems to be more descriptive of the purpose of this progressive move to compromise real education.  Listen at around the 3:50 mark and you can hear him state that fact and that Commie Core is more oriented to "produce workers.  Everything is career and college preparation".  In other words, breed good little worker-sheeple who will blindly follow the dictates of the oligarchy and not ponder any questions let alone voice objections.  Needless to say that those students who endure the blasting of commie core will not be able to think coherent thoughts, let alone exhibit the thought and eloquence such as you've witnessed with Ethan Young.  After you've finished watching the video, read about some Oregon parents who are taking their own remedial actions against Commie Core.


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