Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Obama Moves Embassy From Vatican City After He Appoints Hackett - Red Flags Should Be Flying

Just weeks after Ken Hackett, former director of the Catholic Relief Services and not-so-secret Obama henchman, was appointed Ambassador to the Vatican comes this rather strange news.  The Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless are closing the American embassy at the Vatican and "relocating" it to a portion of its Italian embassy.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is quite a snub.  Here we have prima facae evidence of the disdain, if not malevolence, that this regime harbors against the Catholic church.

From their warped vantage point this move is quite understandable.  The Roman Catholic Church stands in stark opposition to the depraved mindset that drives so many of the policies of the Obama cartel.  From the Catholic businesses suing the feds so that they can live by their consciences to those of us who stand outside the Planned Parenthood murder centers to save children, we faithful Catholics - just by the very course of our actions - show to the world how evil this administration is at its core.  The mainstream media, despite its best efforts, cannot completely silence us.  Those in academia and the entertainment industry may hate us and mock us, but they just cannot ignore us.  They are upping the ante on us; we cannot be silent in its face.

Sadly some of these enemies of the faith are in our ranks, just as Judas was one of the Twelve at one point.  Some fly under the radar and some have been quite flagrant in their treachery.  It is no coincidence that Obama made this move just weeks after Ken Hackett took the helm at our Vatican embassy.  As Hackett was on his way to his new digs, he spewed forth pot-shots at pro-life Catholics.  Now he's playing an integral part in snubbing the Vatican itself: a move that five of Hackett's predecessors have denounced.  I mentioned in the post just previous to this that Pope Francis has spoken forcefully against abortion; might this have triggered Obama's move?

I post now a homily given by a priest in Springfield VA last month, regarding the growing hostility harbored by this regime against the Church.  I urge its reading in light of this arguably ominous development.

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