Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pope Warns Against Progressivism And "Spirit Of Vatican II"

I came across these key announcements today of the Holy Father taking a stand against two serious maladies afflicting those within and outside the Church.

On November 18, he warned of an "adolescent progressivism", namely the world-wide push for a uniform secular ideology.  He cited the Book of Maccabees, the account of the Jews struggling against such an attempt by Antiochus.  By the way - the Jewish people will soon be celebrating Hannukah, a feast that commemorates a victory over that regime.

A day or so later, a letter that he wrote to Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, in which he made plain his agreement with the vision of Pope Benedict XVI for the Church in relation to Vatican II.  He militated against the so-called "spirit of Vatican II", that in the minds of so many dissidents takes precedence over the actual documents of Vatican II.

These are developments worth noting.

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