Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In The Wake Of The Virginia Elections..

I posted the following on my facebook page in the wake of the Virginia election results

We could blame Sarvis (and his Obamaphile funder) for this, but in reality, it still comes down to the voters. We cannot even blame the RINO and donor spinelessness; they're not responsible for how the people vote - or didn't vote as the case may be. The populace, by and large, did not take the trouble to educate themselves to the issues and the candidates' stances on them. Had they done so, no "dog and pony show" could have influenced their votes. We've devolved into a nation of atheistic, amoral, intellectually flabby and hedonistic sheeple. In our form of government, we as a people get the leaders we deserve. I truly am sorry for those Virginians who worked valiantly for Ken.

I will add something else.  Even in light of the obvious treachery of the RINO establishment, Ken Cuccinelli almost won.  He was vastly outspent and yet he nearly pulled it off with grassroots support.  I understand that some of the counties managed to shed their liberals for more common-sense officials.  The trend is looking up.

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