Sunday, November 24, 2013

Don't Tell Your Parents!

When a decent and sensible person hears that command being given to a child, they know it's an indicator that wrong is about to be perpetrated.  We might at first think only a vandal might say it.  Recently in the Catholic Church we've heard of that dire warning being given by pervert priests to their young rape victims.  but now it comes from another source - our public school teachers!

Such was the experience of parents of sixth-grade students at Milam Elementary School in Tupelo MS.  The students were instructed to fill out a very invasive questionnaire with the caveat "don't tell your parents".  Fortunately some of them did and they even spirited the questionnaire out of the classroom and alerted their parents.  These parents are understandably up in arms over it.  The kids were asked to divulge:
  • Their parents' political views
  • Their parents' views on issues such as the Second Amendment, gay marriage, abortion
  • Their own political views (Ten year olds have political views?)
Questions to be asked:
  • Why the admonition not to advise the parents of this questionnaire?
  • What would be done with information collected?
  • Are further questionnaires being deliberated?
  • Why aren't the teachers teaching reading, grammar, math, science, etc?
In the comments section is contact information for the school district.  I agree. They need to be contacted.  Other comments suggest that parents pull their kids out and homeschool.  That would be helpful for two reasons.
  1. The most obvious is that parents can protect their children from progressive brain-washing and actually teach them the reading, math, etc.
  2. School districts get federal funding based on their headcounts.  Reduce that and their money will be reduced.  That might wake them up.
Here is that contact information:
Tupelo Public School District
72 S. Green Street
Tupelo, MS 38804
Superintendent email

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