Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Coke Commercial's REAL Moral Poison

We've all seen the murder mysteries, where some person is deliberately poisoned by another.  Sometimes the poisoning process is immediate and sometimes the plan is carried out over time.  The poison is often disguised, such as being mixed in with food.  Now that food may be healthy and beneficial on its own, but because of what it bears and disguises, the food itself is a medium of death.  That is an apt analogy for the Coke commercial that has occasioned much debate over the past few days.  Please watch it and then read my comments below that for what they're worth.  They are below the jump break so

There are two problems - one minor and the other major.  I'll address the minor problem first.

I understand from some folks that they have seen criticisms that are spewing with racism and hate.  I haven't seen those types of remarks within the circles that I frequent.  What I have seen are comments decrying the use of other languages in a commercial that ostensibly celebrates America.  They raise valid points.  Most of us are descendants of immigrants.  Our ancestors understood that they were leaving their native lands and coming to a sovereign nation.  They understood and accepted their responsibilities to learn the language and culture of the country to which they were emigrating.  Never in their dreams would they have thought that those already here should have to accommodate them.  They knew that they had to be assimilated into the American culture if they were going to realize the dreams that impelled them to come here in the first place.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's the truth as "un-politically-correct" as it seems.  Any nation, if it is to survive as a nation, must have a predominant culture and language.  Else there will be balkanization and division; witness what happens in French Quebec from time to time, with the French Quarter making noises of seceding from the rest of Canada.  Do we want that happening here?  Owing to how history has unfolded, it just so happens that English is the predominant language.  The commercial did a disservice to all in kowtowing to politically-correct pressures and presenting multiple languages as though they were on the same par as English in public life. 

So much for the smaller problem.  Now let's tackle the bigger problem, for the Coke commercial does indeed contain moral poison.

In all the clamor and chatter about "diversity", with scenes shifting and changing every few minutes, it would have been easy to miss this poison.  Many folks did.  Perhaps that was the intent of some of the commercial's creators - to slide this poison in so quickly that our conscious minds may not pick it up and so that it may be accepted by our sub-conscious minds.  Watch the clip again, but pause at the 0:43 mark.  

Now start it up again and watch closely for it too will slide by quickly.  Yes, that is a gay couple with children!  See how the poison slides by quickly, especially when you've already been bombarded with all sorts of "diverse" scenarios?  In showing this scene with all the other families, the makers of the Coke commercial, they attempt to "normalize" a dangerous and perverted lifestyle.  Moreover, they try to dress up the corruption of those children as they are routinely exposed to perversion (not to mention being denied needed attention from real mothers).

This is all part and parcel of the gay agenda - to make their mortal sin seem nice and normal.  They've had remarkable success at that in the entertainment industry, and we've just seen another example.  More and more frequently, though, their true colors are coming out (pardon the pun), as we saw in Argentina several months ago and what we now see every summer in the "gay-pride" parades.  We need to be alert to this and we need to call it out for what it is.

Coke has done a tremendous disservice to this country in promoting mortal sin in the name of "patriotism".


  1. I missed it during the Super Bowl. Thanks for paying attention. It is amazing how effective they've been at brainwashing the sheeple. Poor little children thrust into that dysfunctional and disordered life.

    1. I didn't watch the Super Bowl. There was such a fuss over the commercial afterwards that I watched the video. They've been effective largely because too many folks are hankering to be sheep, as long as they are kept comfortable and entertained - that is, if they have sufficient quantities of "bread and circus".

  2. I can't tell you how humorous I find it that a group that promotes the Latin Mass is having a fit that some people would dare sing in a language other than English.

    1. Context, please - context! The video allegedly celebrates national unity - a unity that can only happen with one language. Actually we can draw a similar analogy with the Roman Catholic Church, whose official language is Latin. Of course both these facts are ancillary to the main point of this post, to take issue with Coca Cola for being willing shills of the gay propaganda machine.

  3. Who made this allegation? The video sells coca-cola. The Catholic Church has unity with Latin, Old Church Slavonic and Coptic in the various ritual churches of Catholicism. Ireland has national unity with Irish and English. Switzerland has four languages and a strong sense of national unity. Face it, you are in bed with the anti-immigrant right wing, most of whom have hated immigrants in part because they are Catholic.

    1. Hoo-eee! What bunched your undies, my friend? I assure you that this third-generation Catholic immigrant (that is, yours truly) has no issue with immigration per se. Most of us "right-wingers" don't. It's the ILLEGAL immigration that we oppose; you know, sneaking across the border and then demanding all sorts of benefits for which we must pay while struggling to support our own families. Back to the video - it sells also the gay lifestyle as though it were something normal

  4. Well, while some illegal immigrants do scam the system, the majority do not. They can't.
    Even US citizens have a hard time navigating the welfare red tape.
    I saw this first hand many times working with many poor & homeless people in Chicago for at least 10 years.

    The Coke commercial IS multicultural, politically correct propaganda at best, and pro-homosexual indoctrination at its root purpose.

    I always ask people to see the eternal soul of every person, and not their legal status necessarily.

    Let's not demonize the exploited, but rather a president and,the unions & community organizers and liberal clergy who pimp the immigrant for secular Godless social and political socialist agendas.


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