Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bishop Schneider Stands Tall In Stark Contrast To British Bishops

Two days ago I posted on an interview given by Bishop Athanasius Schneider while in England.  If you haven't read it yet, please do so.

He stated that the Church is facing a new paganism in which many priests and bishops are participating.  He also decried the attempts to change Church teaching about sexuality and the Sixth Commandment.  One might opine that he made those remarks in England for good reason.

LifeSiteNews reports that the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales is compiling a document entitled Applying Equality Law in Practice: Guidance for Catholics and Catholic Organizations.  In this draft we read this statement that urges formal and material cooperation with mortal sin: "Transsexual people face many difficulties before, during and after transitioning to another gender. As such it is recommended to seek guidance on how to make the transitional process as easy as possible. This could include training for co-workers, as well as reference to medical and social advice."

Shall we pick this apart?
  • No one will be "transitioning to another gender".  That is a pipe dream.  They will always be the male or female that they were at the beginning, albeit with mutilated bodies.
  • No Catholic should "make the transition as easy as possible".  In doing so, they would be facilitating the mortal sin of another and committing their own mortal sin.  They would be endangering their own souls and the souls whom they pretend to help.
  • What any decent Catholic should do in that case is to dissuade any such individual from committing such a heinous act against themselves.  Get them some real spiritual help (I wouldn't advise resorting to any of these bishops).
If this document of the British bishops isn't an example of clergy participating in the new paganism, what is?


  1. exactly!...well stated.

    here is a very good article with eye-opening study results on point.....

  2. The Church and its bishops should be an informative influence in society regarding eternal truths and natural law. Unfortunately this is an example of it being influenced by, and regressing to, the norm of a debased popular culture. It becomes difficult to maintain respect for the institutional Church when it repeatedly engages in such foolishness.


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