Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Unless There Is Repentance, God's Unconditional Love Will Be To No Avail

Simply put, God insists that we approach Him on His terms, not our own.  The Church of Nice, along with their atheist/progressive puppet masters, have trouble acknowledging that the first admonition of Jesus, as recorded in the Gospel of Mark is "repent".

Too often I hear at my own church homilies that proclaim the greatness of God's love (true enough) and that if we'd just "open ourselves to His love" our lives would be fuller.  Well, what does "open ourselves" mean?  I know full well that in that congregation are those in irregular marriages, those who call themselves "pro-choice", those who support sexual perversion (and who punish those priests who stand for God's teaching in that regard).  They will never "open themselves to His love" until they repent of their mortal sins - and many won't unless they are told, point-blank from the pulpit, just what specific sins endanger their immortal souls and that they need to get themselves to Confession pronto.  First things first - as exemplified in the Gospel of Mark (see Mark 1:15).

Today's Vortex delves more deeply into this matter.  I'll reiterate one key line of Voris's: God loves us unconditionally, but He does not save us unconditionally.

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