Monday, June 2, 2014

Pope Francis: Reject "Culture Of Comfort", Bring Forth Children

As I read his comments today, I was wondering if His Holiness ever took walks in the Woodside area of Silver Spring MD.  (It's the area that's bordered by Spring Street - and Planned Parenthood - to the south).  As we pray and offer Christian witness to those about to go into Planned Parenthood, neighborhood denizens stroll by to thank the clinic escorts for blocking our approach to women.  More often than not, these supporters of baby-murder are walking their dogs!  Rare are the kids that accompany such parents.

(Now that I've said this on the blog, the pro-aborts will trot some babies out just to show us up.  They do read this blog, but I digress).

I would suggest that they - and others - take the Holy Father's words to heart.  Marriage is ordered for the procreation and education of children.  The deliberate frustration of that Divinely-ordained purpose will redound to the harm of all.

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