Saturday, June 21, 2014

Diocese Of Charlotte Tosses Another Under The Bus

It was just over two months ago when Sister Jane Dominic Laurel was disgracefully treated by the Diocese of Charlotte for presenting Catholic teaching on various aspects of sexuality at Charlotte Catholic High School.  The progressives among the parents, rebuked for their support (if not commission) of mortal sin, bared their teeth and made clear their hatred of Sister and others.  Bishop Jugis wasted no time in toadying to that crowd and effectively had Sister Jane's career - if not vocation - shelved.

But apparently that wasn't enough for the de facto lynch mob.  More had to pay the price for confronting them with truth.  From Catholic Culture we read that Jerry Healy resigned his position as principal of the school in May, with allegations now appearing of "misuse of funds".  Ladies and gentlemen, of course it is simply the strangest of coincidences (ahem!) that these events are occurring within such short time spans.  Of course I'm being sarcastic.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to surmise that Mr. Healy is simply the latest sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered by the powers-that-be in the Charlotte diocese to appease the ravenous dissidents whose consciences are still smarting from the truth proclaimed by Sister Jane.  The "misuse of funds" sure seems to be a handy alibi; who is buying it?

Does any scintilla of courage and fidelity to the Magiserium exist at the Diocese of Charlotte?  Or will they continue to cower and toady to the progressive dissidents among them?

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