Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pope Francis's Bad Examples (Intended Or Not) Continue To Emit Purification In The Church

A few weeks ago I wrote about the debacle that Pope Francis allowed, if not orchestrated, at the Vatican Gardens on Pentecost Sunday.  Well it seems that the fallout was rather immediate.  In a Catholic Church in Orlando, FL, also on Pentecost Sunday, two Muslim men were allowed to give their "reflections" - in place of the homily!  See this Zenit article.  I do believe that Father McNamara is incorrect, or simply trying to "save face" for the Holy Father.  Make no mistake about it; just as the Holy Father's disregard for Holy Thursday rubrics gave terrible example in giving priests and bishops anywhere the false notion that they could wash women's feet, so too did his allowance of blasphemy at the Vatican Gardens give the erroneous impression that they could let any Muslim strut and preach in Churches.  There's no gainsaying that.

Moreover, my blogging colleagues Eponymous Flower and Rorate Caeli have other posts that vocalize what many of us are sensing: that traditional reverence in the Catholic Church is regarded with suspicion if not outright contempt.  Again, this seems to be occurring with the permission and possible orchestration of the highest offices in the Vatican.

Let's be very clear about something.  We have been promised by Our Lord that the Holy Father will never solemnly promulgate error as sacred dogma.  However - we have been promised nothing more in regards to proceeds from the Vatican.  We need to keep our eyes wide open, to expunge from our thinking any hint of naivete regarding these matters.  Otherwise, how else can we pray intelligently for His Holiness?

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