Monday, June 30, 2014

How Do Progressives Like Obama Keep Getting Elected?? Look At The Cracker Barrel Situation And You'll See How.

Have you asked yourselves that question numerous times?  I certainly have.  Bear in mind that I live in Montgomery County, MD - a literal liberal loony bin.  I've no problem believing how Dems such as O'Malley and Mikulski get elected, but I did harbor hopes that perhaps the rest of the country had some scintilla of intelligence left.  Maybe they do - but it's rapidly disappearing, it would seem.

I got that impression after I saw the story about the employee of Cracker Barrel (in Florida, I believe) who was fired after giving away restaurant food - without paying for it.  This was not his first incident; it was his fifth.  He had been warned about it the previous four times yet continued to carry on.  What seems to be tugging at the heartstrings of folks is that the man is a 73-year old veteran and (at least during the fifth violation) gave the muffin to a homeless person.  You can read the story in the Blaze and IJR Review.  Bear in mind as you read these accounts that these two sources are generally conservative; yet they too seem to be so swept up in the emotional appeal that they have let their feelings cloud their ability to think and reason in logical manners - manners that weigh immutable moral principles.  They might also be biased against Cracker Barrel for their admittedly cowardly treatment of Phil Robertson a few months back.

The moral relativism is astounding.  While a good many people do understand the man's actions as being theft, too many other have no problem with what the guy did and express anger at Cracker Barrel for firing the thief.  I'll summarize a bit of the faulty thinking and rebut it as best as I can.
  • "He was being kind and generous to the homeless person.  Jesus would approve and bless him for it."
    • Folks, we can only be truly generous with what is our property, not the property of others.  While the first is authentic generosity, the other is theft - a sin against the Seventh Commandment.  It doesn't matter that he intended to give it away, for an inherently immoral means can never be justified by the ends, be that end ever so laudable.
  • "It's only a muffin, how much can it cost?"
    • The dollar amount of the theft doesn't change the nature of the crime.
    • If indeed the muffin was so inexpensive, why would not the employee simply have bought the muffin himself?  That way the muffin would have truly been his to give away and the generosity would have been authentic and not a bastardization of generosity.
  • "Cracker Barrel was so heartless.  Why didn't they give him a chance?"
    • They gave him four chances already.  How many chances should Cracker Barrel have given him before they realized that they had to fire this loose canon?  The IJR vdeo reveals that he'd probably have stolen again.  Why should Cracker Barrel have then given him a sixth opportunity for theft?
  • "He was fired for being kind to the homeless."
    • No.  He was fired for displaying that he was a serial thief.
  • "Cracker Barrel needs to respect elders/veterans"
    • Respect for elders and veterans does not entail looking the other way when they commit crimes.  Would these same people be so sympathetic if the thief were a bit younger?  Why should age and veteran status matter?  
    • I'll be blunt.  His age and veteran status were highlighted to manipulate people's emotions and impair their ability to think rationally.  This tactic seems to have worked on too many people.
Doesn't this man's theft have a rather familiar ring to it?  Why, yes!  It's the same kind of "redistribution" and "compassion" that is practiced - at our expense - by the oligarchy that inhabits the White House and Congress.  It's the same that is advocated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the "social justice" crowd in Church hierarchy -and yes - seemingly approved by Pope Francis himself.

These people, thinking they are "compassionate", are condoning theft, sin against the Seventh Commandment.  It is said that we as a nation get the leaders we deserve.  Ladies and gentlemen of good sense and morals, we must speak out against these erroneous notions when we encounter them - and that seems to be happening with ever greater frequency.

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