Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Montgomery County Council Must Pay The Proverbial Piper

Last week I wrote how the rather obtuse Baltimore City Council was harassing four pro-life organizations.  I had opined that they should take a lesson from their Montgomery County counterparts and quit while they still can.  Well, comes now the news that the Montgomery County Council has to pay a pretty penny for their little escapade against the pro-life centers - to the tune of $375,000.00!  Details from LifeNews.

Perhaps Baltimore and other locales who are implementing the NARAL-dictated strategy (as detailed in their "Unmasking Fake Clinics" booklet) might want to reconsider their malicious attacks on the First Amendment rights of those who only endeavor to give real life-affirming assistance to mothers and babes in need.  Taxpayers who are upset about this payout order might consider what their elected officials were doing when they attempted to twist the speech of pro-life advocates; that was a waste of their tax dollars if nothing else.

God is good!

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