Saturday, June 21, 2014

More On Holy Innocents Situation From Forward Boldly

Father Justin Wylie
I've written recently about the proposed closing of Holy Innocents Church in Manhattan and the retaliation taken by Cardinal Dolan against Father Justin Wylie.  In  one of the posts, I put up a Vortex in which Michael Voris interviewed Paul McGregor, a parishioner at Holy Innocents.  Christine Le Niles of Forward Boldly also interviewed Mr. McGregor.  He sheds more light on the events there.

After the interview, Christine read the text of Father Wylie's homily - the homily that caused Cardinal Dolan to see red and to draw his long knives out against that priest.

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  1. Beautiful ! Thank you so much for sharing ! Stunning ! What can I say. The work of the enemy…..


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