Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Does The Pope Understand Impact Investing??

I thank my friend at Tenth Crusade for alerting me to this.  Apparently Catholic Relief Services, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, and University of Notre Dame's business school gathered in Rome, with the approval if not initiative of His Holiness, to yap and yammer about "impact investing".  The idea is ostensibly to solve a host of global challenges.  Oddly in that list of "global challenges" one finds no mention whatsoever of the prevention of child-murder, gay lifestyle, etc.  Perhaps that's because several of the participants are actively fomenting these intrinsic evils.  Tenth Crusade focuses on the Pontifical Council. I'll shift focus to the Catholic Relief Services.

I've written extensively about that progressive snake-in-the-grass that is part and parcel of the USCCB.  Read those posts.  CRS is heavily funded by George Soros; we all know what impact he desires.  It's certainly not the impact that was appreciated by the bishops of Madagascar when CRS distributed abortifacients in their country.  In Mexico and other nations, CRS partnered with other organizations that distributed contraceptives and abortion-causing potions.

I humbly but strongly suggest to His Holiness that he avoid all things economical and simply focus on the salvation of souls.  When he attempts the former, he finds himself rubbing elbows with those who seem more interested in the damnation of souls.


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