Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why Controversy Is Essential In This Day And Age

As Michael Voris points out, controversy arises when problems are unsolved.  I might add that its existence is inevitable whenever truth and falsehood meet.  Because there never will be a compromise between truth and falsehood (for such compromise would be its own falsehood), division and controversy must exist.   Yes, it exists among Catholics; I just had my second "unfriending" in Facebook with someone who admitted that she was looking for an excuse to block me.  The cost of adhering to the truth will certainly become much more significant that a mere "unfriending" on a social site. We'd better grow thick skins and stare down the controversy.  We must not fear to be controversial, for Jesus Christ Himself and the martyrs were murdered because they stood for truth and were "controversial".  We are not excused from the obligation of paying that cost.

By the way..  As Voris says of Church Militant TV (at 5:49), this blog also has "no intention of going away, toning it down, or conducting business as usual which is to say lie, deny and ignore".  Neither do those sites and blogs on my right sidebar.  I'm going to precede today's Vortex with yesterday's for they do follow a sequence in relation to the 60 issues that the establishment Catholic media will not touch.

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