Sunday, June 29, 2014

O Sanctissima

This has to be my favorite version.  Click here for more detail on the group performing this piece.


  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. In 1940's I attended St. Boniface Catholic School in Ft. Smith, AR and later St. Scholastica Academy for girls. In grade school, we recited the Mass in Latin, sang many songs in Latin. and were taught by the Benedictine Sisters. In high school we had a choir and learned these Songs. Sometimes you could walk the halls and hear the nuns singing. What happened? Did the Church abandon us or did we abandon the Church? And WHY??

  2. Yeah, this one of my favorite hymns. I first heard it on The Bells of St. Mary's (does Bing Crosby have a perfect voice, or what?! Wish we had priests, or more priests, I should say, that engaged today.), and could not believe how beautiful it was, until I realized that I actually had heard it at church before. It definitely is not in Masses enough, though. The Latin is so beautiful, and so much better than stuff like, A New Church. What slop!

    RIP, Bing Crosby. Pray for him!



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