Monday, June 2, 2014

Knife Control! We Just Knew It Would Come To This!

It is illegal for British citizens to keep guns in their homes.  However, murders still continue there!  Fancy that!  You don't suppose sinful human nature has anything to do with that, do you - not to mention the liberal loopy law enforcement?  Nah?  Perish the thought!

Some dopes doctors who write for the British Medical Journal are saying that long knives should be banned.  We're talking kitchen knives, folks!  "Long pointed knives have little value in the kitchen."  Really?  How do they propose that roasts or other meat dishes be sliced?  And what makes these geniuses so convinced that will work?  Wasn't the banning of guns supposed to eliminate murder?  If knives are banned, the thugs will devise something else.

Hey!  Here's a radical idea!  How about jettisoning the knife ban AND the gun ban.  Bring back real punishments that fit the crimes.

This knife-ban nonsense is just another example of the loons running the asylum in England.  I'd suggest that our confreres "across the pond" wake up and start taking their country back while we strive to take ours back.

(HT - Pewsitter)

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