Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why Does Pope Francis Put Arms Manufacturing On Same Moral Plane As Human Trafficking??

Here is what he said today during his expose of the Spiritual Gifts, quoted from Zenitnoting traffickers of persons and manufacturers of arms, as those who will have difficulty going to the Lord since “all the fruit of his corruption has corrupted his heart.”  The Pontiff said manufacturers of arms "manufacture death." "They are merchants of death and make death merchandise.

It makes no sense.  Human trafficking and arms manufacturing can in no way be called moral equivalents.  The former is always intrinsically evil as it is the deliberate enslavement of other human beings.  Not so the manufacturing of arms, unless a particular manufacturer has in mind a concrete nefarious purpose for the arms that he/she is manufacturing.  Arms are morally neutral in and of themselves.  Depending on the purpose and disposition of their users, arms can bring about great evil - or great good.

This past Monday a father defended his daughter from two thugs by firing his weapon.  He killed one thug, wounded another and saved his daughter's life.  Will the maker of that father's gun "have difficulty going to the Lord"?  I cannot answer for the state of that individual's soul, but I'd wager that this gun would make no contribution to any difficulty whatsoever.

Now watch this report of an armed man who came to the aid of a beating victim by drawing his weapon.  Rather than being called a user of "death merchandise" he is being hailed as a Good Samaritan.  Again, the availability and use of arms helped save innocent life.

It would be so helpful if the Pope stopped mishmashing progressive talking points with attempts at catechesis.


  1. It sounds like we have a real friend of Obama's in the Vatican. Along our Border, 1000's of women and children are crossing the border and we cannot turn them back due to legislation put in Place by Obama. At the same time, Governments in South America are telling them to "go to America, they will teach you English, they will take care of you." We are watching the United States being destroy before our eyes and Congress is doing NOTHING. Obama is NOT a Progressive-Democrat, he is a Muslim Socialist who hates America. This is all part of the "New World Order", and Agenda 21.

    I have an article in hand, entitled, "Same-Sex Marriage" in Arkansas and the Catholic Church. This is written by our Bishop Taylor. I will be glad to send you a copy.
    Quote: "Thankfully, the teaching of the Church provides a "third way" that is supportive of the dignity and human rights of the homosexual person, while at the same time promoting and protecting marriage as the basis of the family, the primary unit of society. This THIRD WAY is the way of love". It rejects both the condemnation of people and THE AFFIRMATION OF HOMOSEXUAL INTERCOURSE. It calls for everyone to set aside hatred and fear. It recognizes that everyone needs love, support and acceptance for who they really are". Now of course, there can be two interpretations of the word, "intercourse". Does he mean the exchange of thoughts and feelings, or does he mean the physical act. Was the use of this word deliberate? But the majority of people think of this word as the physical act. Perhaps you can enlighten me and give me your opinion.

    1. I saw the article on the Little Rock diocesan site. Look at the sentence again. He rejects the affirmation of homosexual intercourse; he doesn't advocate it. Here it is. It is regrettable that he lauds the highly-flawed "Always Our Children" document.


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