Tuesday, May 31, 2011

American Life League Urges Investigation Catholic "Social Justice" Organizations

Jeffrey Sachs, a Columbia Universtiy professor, is a population control advocate.  He has often said that one of the best ways to fight poverty is to reduce human population vis-a-vis sterilization, contraception and abortion.  This blog, and others, have pointed out over the years that many anti-poverty and population-control types have espoused identical anti-human views.  Similarly, many "environmental" and "climate change" proponents have advocated the reduction of the human population.

So who is lauding and celebrating Sachs?  The USCCB, Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities and Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  All but the Catholic Relief Services have come under this blog's scrutiny; perhaps that is an oversight that I need to correct.  Read more details at this Lifesite News post.  Note that a 100-page report is promised presently.  I'll link to that as soon as I learn of it.  Note as of 7/14/13; the Lifesite news post was taken down, but archived here.

Here are some of my past posts on these matters.  Because I do link to excellent outside sources, I urge their study.  Here are some posts on "climate change"; note especially the Aug 6 2010 post.  Here are some post related to "poverty".  There are definitely some common themes here!

Michael Hichborn of the American Life League released a video today exposing some of the relevant points of Sach's chequered career.  I post that below.  NOTE: the link has been updated as of 7/14/13.

See the post dated 7/14/13 for more detail on why the two links are updates.

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