Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Stop Thinking Of Her As A Person"

Thus wrote one Andrew Limbong in a New York Times Op-Ed piece as he documented his "struggle to overcome his Christian upbringing" and commit the mortal sin of fornication with his girl friend.  Lifesite News has more insight here; they reveal that Planned Parenthood posted it to their Facebook page, and called Andrew's moral degradation "staying true to one's self and moving forward when you're ready."

Well, not really, PP!  Andrew was doing the exact opposite of staying true to one's self - and he struggled mightily at it, which is some testament to the decent job his parents must have attempted..  And about "moving forward".. to where?  Hell is a terrible reality and Andrew is veering quite close to it.  But let's look at another peculiar aspect of this.

I'm old enough to remember the feminist movement in its nacient days in the 1960s.  Back then, the feminists were up in arms about overgrown oafs using them as "sex objects".  Well, what is Andrew saying when he said "stop thinking of her as a person... people are animals".  If that is not a deliberate objectification of his girl friend, what is?  And this is what Planned Parenthood calls "staying true to one's self"?   Again, going back to that era, do you remember the Virginia Slims cigarette commercial that capitalized on the feminist movement with its slogan, "you've come a long way baby"?  Well, Planned Parenthood and the feminist movement have done precisely that -brought women a long way towards being treated as objects.  Turn them into little toys to be used for pleasure, and when the natural effects of such exploitation make themselves apparent, bring the little toys into Planned Parenthood and other mills, and for a few hundred bucks, the baby is murdered, the woman scarred, but ready for "use"!  Nice going, feminist movement!  Nice going, Planned Parenthood!

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