Friday, May 6, 2011

Of Lying For A Medical License

Two weeks ago, it was announced that LeRoy Carhart, late-term baby killer in Germantown, is being investigated by the Maryland Board of Physicians for lying on his license application.

Yesterday brought news that abortionist Nicola Riley surrendered her Wyoming license after coming under investigation there for - lying on her license application.  Read details here.

You might ask "what does one have to do with the other"?  Fair question, and one easily answered.  Riley was associated with Stephen Brigham, who was caught flouting licensing stipulations.  Riley's license was suspended in Maryland.  Read these articles to learn of Riley's chequered baby-killing career in Maryland.

The precedent set by the various state boards in Riley's case bodes well for the suspension and even revokation of Carhart's Maryland license.  Let us pray!

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