Friday, May 6, 2011

To "Billyo" In Regards To The Survivors' Triumph

To my other readers, to follow this, please read the post preceding this and please read the linked Lifesite News article.  That is where "Billyo" has posted.  I'm responding here to avoid space limitations in the Lifesite News comment boxes.  Now I will begin my reply to his post as of May 5.

Billyo, this will be a long read since there are several things that should be clarified.  I'll take them in the order in which you have presented them.

First, I too have attended a "Helpers" seminar on sidewalk counseling.  I learned many valuable things, to be certain.  I've also attended similar seminars sponsored by others: (Scheidlers, Karen Black), each having slightly differing emphasis.  Moreover, I've learned a thing or two from my own 15+ years of being on the sidewalk.  No one has a monopoly, a "last word", on how things should be done in front of an abortuary or any other venue of activism.  As we are all human, I consider myself quite at liberty to agree with some things and disagree with others.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to imply that Msgr Reilly has the last word on activism and any differing approach is faulty.  I highly suspect the Msgr would recoil at such adulation, if that were the case.  As an aside, I thing Msgr Reilly speaks mainly to witness at the abortuaries; these young men were manning a display table on the college campus - an entirely different sort of activism.

You mention the opposition wanting to "raise the conflict level" to gain an advantage over fearful women.  In regards to the situation at Chaffey College, that's irrelevant.  But as long as you mention "conflict", understand that conflict is unavoidable.  When good confronts evil, there will be conflict.  We must meet it and deal with it head-on, with some calcium in our spines.  More often than not, that means we stand firm against our opponents, as did these young men, as did the "Notre Dame 88", etc.

In your third paragraph, you mention the tendency of the mainstream media to make a peculiar focus of events.  Well, yes that's true.  Billyo, that is precisely why our videos (such as the one you want scuttled) are necessary.  As the mainstream media is in the hands of the Culture of Death, we must provide our own means of getting our messages out.  That is happening through Youtube, blogs, social media, etc.  Billyo, why do you want us to voluntarily hobble and gag ourselves?   There is no benefit, not even spiritual, to the course of action that you so imprudently advocate.

Your quote of 1 Peter is puzzling.  These young men of Survivors "did good".  Their lawyers did good, and they did good by posting the video and spreading the word about their legal success.  What might be the fruit?  Well, perhaps some misguided cop or "clinic escort" might think twice about harrassing pro-lifers when they exercise their rights to speak out.  That "fruit" will quite likely result in a few more babies saved.

Let's look at the issue of our rights: rights that are God-given (the Constitutiom merely acknowledges this fact).  Let's consider the parable of the three servants given their talents.  I propose to you that our rights, including the right to free speech, should be considered a talent that is not to be squandered or eschewed.  It is to be used to speak out for the babies and against the heinous evil of abortion.  To allow oneself to be voluntarily muzzled (to score "persecution brownie points") is to place oneself in the position of the lazy third servant who ultimately faces his master's wrath.

God bless the ND88, the Survivors and all who stand up to the evil chartibly and firmly.

UPDATE  I just realized that anyone reading the Lifesite News on a blackberry won't be able to see its embedded video.  Therefore, click here to watch the Survivors' video.

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