Friday, May 13, 2011

Technological Difficulties With Blogger

This blog operates on the Blogger platform.  Sometime Wednesday, Blogger developed serious difficulties.  In order to address the problems, the Blogger team put all of the blogs (including this one) in "read-only" mode.  None of us could create new posts, nor could we attend to pending comments.  Moreover, they temporarily took down some of the posts from May 11th - including the three on this blog.

I regret any inconvenience or confusion - particularly if you were looking for those Wednesday posts that were there, then weren't.  As you can see, the posts have been restored.

HOWEVER, you might have noticed that the American Life League video from the article on investigating the social justice groups is "not available".  If you click on the hyperlink, the youtube page says "it's been removed by the user".  Not true!  I have that on good evidence.  So who had it pulled?  I don't  think that was Google's initative!

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