Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Obama Chewing Gum During Memorial Service

This was during a memorial service for the victims of the Joplin tornado disaster.  Put the clip into full-screen mode and watch towards the end.

Truth be told, his lack of class and respect is shared by many - including Catholics.  Last year I was waiting for Mass to begin and a full-grown, adult woman sits across the aisle to me.  Her jaw was going a mile a minute and kept right on going throughout the Mass.  She did stop when it was time for Holy Communion, but resumed when she returned.  It was some small consolation to realize that she didn't just stick it under the seat, but I had to wonder if that thing was in her mouth when she received Our Lord.

It's a long way of saying that while Obama showed no class, his fault is shared by many Catholics who really should know better than that.

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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  1. While I shook my head with the video, my son told me that at the Confirmation Mass yesterday 3, some of whom I catechized!!! were chewing as they processed to the pews. Do I have to teach them to wipe the drool from their mouths too? Apparently, shaking my head. Blame the parents and the CCD teacher and the kid - common sense failed.

    I'll be anonymous to spare the thinking and give another chance to grow to the guilty.


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