Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Pro-Choice" Really Means Pro-DEATH

Enough of that silly "pro-choice" euphamism!  Why else would these deathscorts cheer as a baby is being driven into the mill (in Rockford IL) for slaughter?  Watch for yourselves.  After you watch, you make a commitment to go to your local abortion mill and offer prayers and support to the distraught and confused young mothers.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.


  1. Jesus you guys are fucking crazy. How about I go stand outside your church and try to tell everyone going inside that they are wrong? You wouldn't like that would you?

  2. Methinks thou protesteth too much! Rancor and ad hominem attacks won't get you very far in life. However, let's look at your remarks.

    If you came to my church as you said, whether I'd like it or not is immaterial. The First Amendment exists precisely to defend free speech rights against those who might not "like" the contents of the speech in question.

    I don't know what you'd be telling me and my fellow Catholics that you'd claim is "wrong" but if it has anything to do with defending the murder of babies, it is you who'd be in the wrong. I and my fellow parishioners would make that very plain to you. Would you "like that"?

    Did you watch the video? A mother chose not to murder her baby. That mother liked the offer of help, even if the murder-abetters didn't. That happens regularly enough in the DC area where we offer assistance at a number of abortuaries. Those babies and their mothers "like" it, even if the abortuaries don't "like" losing all those blood-money dollars.

    By the way - you did take the name of Our Lord in vain in your comment. I only published it so all the world could see how being pro-abortion corrodes and coarsens the minds of those who hold such views.

  3. The pro choice group generally uses foul language emanating from a venomous spirit, as they have no platform from which to rightfully debate. The woman's liberal courts granted 'right' to not be pregnant, cannot possibly supersede the child's true right, to not be killed. DNA@Conception=LIFE


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