Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweeney Gets Dressed Down At CUA Symposium

In late April, I advised you of a "symposium" on Rerum Novarum to be held at Catholic University of America on May 2-3.  I opined that it would be nothing more than a progressive brain-washing session.  It turns out that is precisely what it was, and the speakers didn't bother to conceal their agendas.

Accuracy in Media has a report on what transpired.  (By the way - I forgot to mention in that April post that prior to his taking over the AFL-CIO, Sweeney was CEO of the SEIU).  Sweeney went into a tirade about the governor of Wisconsin reining in the runaway unions there, going so far as to insinuate (incorrectly) that Scott Walker was out of step with Jesus Christ Himself (Of course the "separation of church and state" crowd has uttered not a peep - surprised?  But I digress).  Behaving like the typical arrogant progressive wonk, he then proceeded to badmouth the Catholic University itself, calling them "union-busters".  Watch that video on the AIM site, as well as the others.  For those who can't see embedded video, click here for the Sweeney clip.

But apparently Sweeney got his comeuppance right then and there.  CUA officials read a statement that accused Sweeney of lying, leaving Sweeney stunned into silence.  Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting!   Now here's some more delicious irony.  That statement was read by Stephen Schenk, chair of the department that sponsored the symposium.  He apparently was ordered to read that, and he must have done so reluctantly.  Bear in mind that Schenk sits on the board of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good - a group that draws significant funding from George Soros.  Moreover, he was one of the lead writers in the letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner that accused him of being out of step with Church teaching. 

I'm sensing a common theme here.  Various progressive wonks with ties to progressive atheist billionare George Soros accuse conservative officials of "not following Catholic teaching" because they don't throw money at unions and governmental bureaucracies.  Georgy-boy seems to have lots of fingers in lots of pies, doesn't he?

Getting back to the rebuke that Sweeney received, I haven't learned yet of where a full text of that can be reviewed.  I'd love to see it.  My hat's off to the CUA officials who caused that to be read to Sweeney's face.  I only hope that Cardinal Emeritus McCarrick doesn't see fit to assuage Sweeney's ego with some "honor", as he did when twice we picketed Sweeney in past years.

If that doesn't happen, there's hope!  Perhaps Sweeney can pop over to the "church of earthaluia" and do some duets with Bertha Lewis (see preceding post).  That might be a nice career move for him!

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  1. Good news. Sometimes you get to see justice in action in this world, but not often. How sweet it is when it happens.


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