Sunday, May 29, 2011

Clinic Escorts And Their Not-So-Adorable Antics

Every Saturday morning I, along with several other pro-life activists, offer prayer and real help to women as they go into an abortion center to have their babies killed.  This particular place of death is a branch office of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan DC.  It is located in Suite 450 of 1400 Spring Street in Silver Spring MD.  We understand that this property is for sale.  Unfortunately, as long as Planned Parenthood befouls the building, we believe the intelligent investor will be wary of that building's prospects.

Planned Parenthood, although it is just one tenant out of several in the building, utilizes the "services" of "pro-choice clinic escorts".  They are recognizable in their signature orange vests that have the words "Pro-choice clinic escort" emblazened upon them.  These escorts, peppered at various abortion mills throughout the Washington DC area, are organized under the umbrella of the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force.  On their own web page, they state that "We escort at the invitation of clinic owners and in cooperation with local law enforcement." Thus, Planned Parenthood is ascribed responsibility for any malfeasance of the escorts, since the escorts are there at the invitation of Planned Parenthood.  The current building management is certainly aware of their presence; to our knowledge they have not requested that Planned Parenthood dismiss the escorts (although they have ordered Planned Parenthood to dismiss a security service that had been stationed at the doors).  It seems reasonable to believe that they too would bear some legal culpability for the misdeeds of the escorts, such as you'll see in these clips (after the jump break).

The first involved the blocking of a pro-life sign by two of the escorts.  They simply stood in front of it at first.  That was merely silly on their part.  However, a pro-life gentleman picked up the sign to remove it from their blockage.  You'll see what happened at that point.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

You'll notice that at the 39-second point, the escort tried to prevent the man from stepping onto the sidewalk from the street.  Had the cars not been parked along that curb, the pro-life man would have been placed in real jeopardy by the escort.  In that case, had subsequent harm come to the man, the escort would have borne primary responsibility, but I suspect so would have Planned Parenthood and the owners/managers of 1400 Spring Street for allowing the WACDTF escorts to be there.  Another escort approached, which seemed to restrain him - although he couldn't resist "flipping the bird" at both the man and me.

In the next clip you'll see the same escort carry on in his oafish manner.  His conduct is so boorish that his female counterpart is obviously embarrassed by him.  Now bear in mind that any building visitor who walked by would have received an earful of his rantings; you see only a snippet of it in this next clip.  The only other thing to notice is the sign at the very beginning; the building's brokers are Alexander, Montrose and Rittenberg.  The owner is Vanguard Realty.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.


  1. The next time you see that Clinic Escort, why don't you read him one of these posts:
    Then see what he has to say about your language.

  2. Thomas, I trust that you actually read those posts carefully, as the language accurately describes how we are being treated - and how the man holding the sign was treated. You probably don't realize how spot-on correct you really are.

  3. Replies
    1. For carrying on like buffoons? That doesn't say too much for your own mentality.


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