Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Ominous Aspect Of The Dream Act

Until I saw the clip below, I didn't realize this danger that will come with passage of the DREAM Act.  It promises to illegal aliens in-state tuition rates, but these still remain tuitions that must be paid.  The question is, how will they be paid by people who most likely are of limited financial means?  I didn't recall until I saw this that the feds have nationalized student loans.  That's right!  Private institutions cannot make these loans.  These loans will be back by - guess who?  Hint!  Go look in the mirror.  Yep!  They will be backed by us, the taxpayer.  Couple that with the skyrocketing tuition costs (which unlike other commodoties in these economic conditions have not declined), and we'll see the potential for much default on these loans.  We're already seeing it now.  Boys and girls, can we say "education version of housing marketing crisis"? 
This renders more indefensible the mindless promotion of the DREAM Act by the Maryland Catholic Conference.  They are simply enticing these illegals to take on loans for which they are unqualified - in other words to put themselves into a financial booby trap.

I don't agree with everything this film says.  For instance, I don't buy into the notion that all college education is useless.  However, I don't see college education as being necessarily indispensible.  Many of you are reading this on a Windows-based platform.  Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, was a college dropout.  I saw the clip on my Facebook page.  The founder of Facebook dropped out of college.  I'd say that both these individuals are prospering, if only on the financial level.

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