Friday, May 20, 2011

Cardinal George Caves, Reinstates Pfleger

This latest example of spineless capitulation is as disgusting as was the capitulation of John Boehner during the budget situation last month.  They both will have inflicted long-term damage upon our cultural landscape.  Having dealt with the Boehner debacle as it occurred, I'll focus on this.

I saw the news on my Facebook wall, as a friend had posted this Chicago Tribune link to it.  Cardinal George, former president of the USCCB, has given cheer to all dissidents today - or at least those within the Chicago archdiocese.  Of course he has also given terrible example to some of his fellow bishops who also suffer from SDS (spinal deficiency syndrome).  Mind you, despite all that nicey-nice talk attributed to both men, anyone with two brain cells firing in syncopation knows that George blinked big-time.  In doing so, Cardinal George failed all the Catholics within his archdiocese - including Father Pfleger, who stands in dire need of repentance, not vindication.  This little poem comes to mind when I think of this:
   Have your way!
   Then one day
   They'll say ok!

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