Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More "Inconvenient Truth" For Climate-Change Diehards

As mentioned before on this blog, many Catholics of the progressive "social justice" cabal have glommed onto the "global warming / climate change" hoax.  Either they're unsuspecting dupes or they are using it to advance their own agendas.  Read these posts, and the material to which they link.

Last month the Financial Post published another rebuttal of the hoax, detailing how the data was deliberately skewed to present the viewpoint deemed politically correct.  And for this the USCCB and some whacky nuns wanted us to unscrew our lightbulbs and eschew plastic bags?  Will they finally wake up and admit their error?  Don't bet on it.  Too many of their buddies at the Catholic Climate Covenant would then be out of jobs!

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