Friday, May 13, 2011

Catholic League Comes To Boehner’s Defense

On May 11, I wrote of the drivel put out by Commonweal regarding John Boehner and the complaining that some at CUA put forth regarding Boehner’s views on the budget. Yes, yes, I know it was signed by a bunch of self-styled big-shots with lots and lots of college degrees. The possession of a college degree or two is no guarantee of any real knowledge or wisdom. Case in point – some physicians are so clueless that they pretend that the babies they’ve been murdering aren’t really babies. But I digress!

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has weighed in. Its president, Bill Donohue, shed some interesting light on Stephen Schenk of CUA who played a major role in crafting the letter. Schenk, in 2009, signed a letter praising the nomination of abortophile Kathleen Sebelius to the HHS. We remind one and all that while governor of Kansas, she gave aid and comfort to (the now late) George Tiller, aka “Tiller the Killer”, the first notorious late-term abortionist (The second late-term abortionist murders babies less than 20 miles from me, but again I digress). So much for Schenk’s supposed concern for “the vulnerable”, for who is more vulnerable than a tiny baby slated for murder?

Let them continue to show their true stripes

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